From PubMed and China Journal Full-text Database (CNKI), VIP database retrieval from the 20th century 50\'s so far on the electrical properties of acupoints of literature of 90, closely related literature 38. The results showed that the skin low resistance or high potential are more than with the traditional point line, but not all points nike Free Run Canada Online are characteristic of low resistance and high nike Free Run Womens potential; acupoint electrical properties of random body physiological and pathological changes, diseases related to blood vessels on both sides of the same name point electrical characteristics showed about the imbalance phenomenon; acupoint electric characteristic measurement of current meter type, intensity, electrode size and a number of factors will effect of Nike Free Run Canada acupoint resistance value of determination results. According to the purpose of the study is to use different acupoint resistance tester, strictly control the factors influencing the process of, further explore the electrical properties of acupoints in the body\'s physiological and pathological state nike Free Womens of nike Free Canada reaction rules is the focus of the study in the future..


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