League Rules

Club Rules

Except as noted below, we follow the C.C.A. Rules of Curling For General Play

General and League Play
  1. All draws are scheduled for either 6:40 or 9:00
  2. All games will be eight ends except as follows. The bell will be rung at 8:30 or 10:50. After ringing of bell, teams will complete the end in progress and play one additional end. An end is said to be in progress once the score from the previous end has been determined.
  3. Games that end in a tie are recorded as a tie. No extra ends are permitted to break a tie.
  4. If a team cancels a game, for any reason, that game is determined to be forfeited by the team that initiated the cancellation. Games may be made up by the teams upon agreement and the forfeiture will be reversed and the points awarded as normal.
  5. If a make-up game is agreed by the teams within any round, it must be completed prior to the conclusion of the round.
  6. A team must have a minimum of three players to commence play. Two of the three players must be registered to curl with the team. If a team elects to play with only three players, the lead and second will each deliver three rocks and the skip will deliver two rocks.
  7. Substitute players are permitted. Substitute players who are members of the Spruce Grove Curling club may play in any position on the curling team except for the position of skip. Substitute players who are not members of the Spruce Grove Curling club may only play lead or second. The skip is determined to be the player who throws the final two stones of the end. The position of lead/second is determined to be the players who deliver the first and second/third and fourth stones respectively, and do not control the house during the delivery of stones.
  8. All on ice disputes are to be settled by the club manager or a member of the Board of Directors of the Spruce Grove Curling Club.
  9. During regular league play, points are determined as three points for a win; one point for a tie; three points for a bye.
  10. League championships will be determined as follows: the team with the most points accumulated throughout the season will be deemed the League Aggregate champion. In the cause of a tie, a playoff game will be scheduled.The team with the most wins accumulated in the final round of curling in each division/event will be deemed the division/event champion. In the case of a tie, the win/loss records between the tied teams will be the tie breaker. If the teams in the tie are still tied, then the points accumulated throughout the season will be the tie breaker. If the teams are still Tied then, a draw to the button will be the tie breaker.
  11. To assist teams in competing in the club playdowns without spares, teams may register up to five members. The members registered to curl with the team may curl in any position on the team except that the player may not change position after delivering their first rock of the game.
Club Championships

  1. The format for club championships are reviewed periodically by the Board of Governors and approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Spruce Grove Curling Club.
  2. Teams must curl with a minimum of three players.
  3. Teams are permitted a maximum of one substitute in any game during the Club Championship. Substitutes must be members of the Spruce Grove Curling Club and must not have competed for another team during the Club Championships. Substitutes must curl lead except in the case of mixed teams as noted below.
  4. Teams entered in the mixed/open club championship must be registered in one of the clubs open/mixed leagues.
  5. A curler who qualifies to curl in the Club Championship on more than one team must choose a team and inform the club manager with regard to the choice. The curler may not participate with the other team in the course of the Club Championship. The team losing the curler may register a new player from among the members of the Spruce Grove Curling Club for the Club Championship. The newly registered curler may curl any position except for skip. The newly registered curler, however, will be determined to have filled the substitution rule for the team and the team will not be permitted to add an additional substitute in the case where one of its registered members is unable to participate in a game.

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